We took a quick day trip to Boston to go to IKEA and visit Cheers. I grew up watching Cheers with my dad, so going to the bar that inspired Cheers was an absolute must. We were in the thick of COVID and it was raining, so there were very few people and we got in immediately.

The inside is not identical to how it looks in the show, but there are so many similarities that it was like stepping back into the 80s.

The beer was SO COLD and even though it was wet and dreary outside, it hit the spot. I fully expected something over-commercialized, tacky, and uncomfortable, but it really did just feel like a cozy neighborhood pub. Between my nostalgia and the quaintness of it all, I loved it every minute. The bartender had the stereotypical Boston accent and was chatting with the patrons as if they were old friends.

My boyfriend even bought the mugs for us to take home – he knew I loved them and he also knew I’d talk myself out of purchasing them. (It feels amazing when someone knows you that well!)


If you end up thirsty in Boston, this is definitely worth a visit! Step back in time, enjoy a cold brew, and feel like everyone knows your name.

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