More Than OK – Sailing on Lake Hefner

My dad and my boyfriend secretly planned to surprise my mom and me with a sunset sailboat ride on Lake Hefner. The weather was perfect – not too hot, a light breeze, and clear skies.

There was just enough room for the four of us on the boat (other than the Captain and his first mate).

We took wine, cheese, and crackers with us because we’re fancy, and isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on a sailboat!?

We shared our snacks with the crew and had a great conversation with them and each other for the entire evening.

Look how cute my parents are! Still in love after 45 years of marriage.

I think we’re pretty cute, too. 🙂

We asked so many questions about how Captain Bill had gotten started sailing, how he ended up in Oklahoma, and he graciously shared all of that history with us.

Sunset at Lake Hefner is one of my favorite experiences in Oklahoma, but seeing it from a sailboat was extra special, and sharing that experience with my boyfriend and my parents was a moment to cherish for a lifetime.

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