MORE THAN OK – Great Salt Plains

I’ve heard lots of chatter about The Great Salt Plains. But truth be told, I expected it to be one of those places where I drive two and a half hours, say “Yep, that’s salty, alright” and then drive two and a half hours back home wishing I’d just taken a nap instead.

I gave the kids a few options about where to go for our next road trip adventure and they unanimously opted for Great Salt Plains, so off we went. I figured worst case, I’d see a part of the state I’d never visited before and it would be a nice drive.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Driving up to the Plains looked like most of the rest of Oklahoma. Gravel roads, oil pumps, John Deere tractors, and lots of trees.

Then all of a sudden, there was a sea of white straight ahead and it looked like nothing I’d seen before.

The contrast of the flat white ground against the standard Oklahoma landscape was striking.

Though we were excited to dig, I was happy to see that they’re preserving the vast majority of the Great Salt Plains. Only a small portion of it is open for digging.

The view was breathtaking. I’ve found so much beauty in Oklahoma, which I honestly never would’ve expected. It’s funny how so many people take their home state for granted and rarely take the time to fully explore where they live. Until about two years ago, that was me.

The kids were so excited to dig! I slathered them with sunscreen, made them don their caps, put on sunglasses, and then let them have at it.

Colin apparently didn’t realize that digging meant he’d get dirty. It had rained recently so it was pretty muddy in some spots. I’ve been working hard to convince him it’s okay to get dirty / muddy / sandy – that’s part of the fun!

He disagrees.

The girls were determined to find some crystals. We should’ve taken metal tools. We broke pretty much every plastic beach tool we took with us!

We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for, but once we found it, we KNEW! The kids each ended up with probably twenty crystals and they had an awesome time.

An hour and a half later, I gave them the option of applying more sunscreen or heading home. They were ready to go. Every single one of them slept on the way home.

And I drank a giant can of Monster so I could stay awake.

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