Three Hours in Newport

I recently had an opportunity to spend a few hours in Newport, RI. I’ve never been there and didn’t know much about it, so I was eager to check it out. It was a two hour drive from where my boyfriend lives, so we decided to make a day trip of it and headed over on a Saturday morning. 

I am not big on shopping, especially in crowded touristy areas, so we skipped that and went straight for the must-see places. (We’re also avoiding crowds as much as possible because of COVID-19.)

The Cliff Walk was at the top of my list. It’s a 3.5 mile walk along the cliffs and features gorgeous views of the ocean and many historical mansions. We didn’t walk the entire route, as I had forgotten sunscreen and could feel my skin cooking after about 45 minutes. (I wasn’t wrong – I ended up with some lovely tan lines…I mean burn lines.)

Some of the mansions now serve as upscale hotels, including this one at the beginning of the Cliff Walk. 

I took way too many photos. Every twist and turn led us to stunning new views. They were all so different and I wanted to capture them all.

This rotunda would be the perfect place to sit and watch passersby while enjoying views of the ocean.

This mansion seemed like the most practical one but was still beautiful. It drew my attention more than many of the others for some reason.  

The views were breathtaking and I absolutely loved the contrast of the rugged black cliffs against the beautiful water. 

This young surfer was intently watching the other surfers, and I could only assume he was trying to pick the best spot.


We were hot and thirsty after our walk. I always try to choose small local spots instead of chain restaurants, and I loved the name of this one. Pour Judgement. We ordered simple pub food: wings and southwest egg rolls. We skipped the alcohol since we had a long drive back home, and drank Diet Coke and water instead. Good food, good service! 

After lunch, we took a drive through the Ocean Drive Historic District. More gorgeous mansions, and many of them were hidden from public view (I don’t blame them – I’d probably do the same thing!)

We happened upon a kite festival during that drive. It was a nice surprise. We didn’t stop but I snapped several pics as we drove by. 

Overall, it was a super fun day and I definitely recommend going, especially if you love architecture from that era and enjoy being near the ocean.

Just don’t forget your sunscreen! 



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