More than OK – Eischen’s Bar

My middle daughter abandoned us to go to Grandma’s house (the nerve!), so I took the other two kiddos on a mini road trip to Okarche, Oklahoma, about an hour away from home. We were on a mission for Eischen’s fried chicken. There are great fried chicken places close to where I live, one less than a minute away, but they’re not Eischen’s.

I’ve only been there twice before. Once eleven years ago and again earlier this year. I love the simplicity of their menu, which you can conveniently find on the side of the napkin holder.

I don’t care much about variety, really. I’d rather a restaurant do one thing well than have a Cheesecake Factory-novel-sized menu full of mediocre food.

They’re a cash-only joint, and you can’t order part of a chicken. You’re buying the whole damn bird. Soda comes in a can and if you want refills, you’re payin’ for ’em. But the food comes out piping hot, service is great, and it’s just a nice way to get away from the city for an hour or two.

We ordered chili cheese nachos with the chili and jalapenos on the side, and they were on our table in less than three minutes. Snacking on these gave us plenty to do while we waited for the chicken, which naturally takes way longer than slinging orange cheese on some tortilla chips.

Of course we were almost full by the time the chicken arrived. We skipped the okra this time because I’m the only one who likes it and I have little self-control when it comes to fried vegetables. (My mind still tries to tell me they’re healthy!) But if you’re going there for the first time, get the okra! The chicken comes out piping hot with some white bread, onions and two kinds of pickles. 

The ambiance is great, and it’s cool knowing the history of the place (it’s Oklahoma’s oldest bar – opened in 1869). The small-town vibe makes me feel nostalgic.

If you’re throwing caution to the wind with your diet and don’t need to eat and run, head to Okarche and eat at Eischen’s. (Just not on a Sunday – they’re closed.)



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